2020 NBSMLT Roster 


New Members added to the roster after January 1, 2020



 Non-certified, Temporary license registrants  ( EXPIRES UPON RECEIPT OF NEXT EXAM RESULT) 

-Cruickshank, Jamie

-Cunningham, Courtney

-Joncas, Mychaela

-Melvin, Mackenzie

-Proulx, Jennessa

-Sturgeon, Kayla

-Surette, Marc

-Theriault, Jessica

-Bastarache, Josee-Lea

-Reicker, Kristen




 *les étudiants du CCNB Dieppe sont affichés sur la version francophone de cette page. Students from CCNB Dieppe are posted on the french version of this page*


Student members, NOT CURRENTLY EMPLOYED (expires when CSMLS competencies are completed, or withdrawal from program) 


NBCCSJ - MLT/A - expires June 2020

-Beers, Kiana

-Fulton, Sydney

-Janes, Alexandra

-Jeffery, Carsen

-Kingston, Libby

-Lee, Melissa

-Lewis, Rebecca

-Mifflin, Alexandra

-Pond, Nicola

-Reicker, Kristen

-Stafford, Cassidy

-Tucker, Brooke


Oulton College - MLT - Expires June 2021

-Andrews, Emily

-Arsenault, Nathan

-Arseneaul, Lindsay

-Babineau, Michelyne

-Cameron, Jodell

-Clemens, Amy

-Coleman, Alex

-Cormier, Rebecca

-Cormier, Sabrina

-Edey, Rebecca

-Hashemabadi, Faezeh

-Jeffery, Carsen

-MacAskill, Breanna

-MacLeod, Jordan

-McLellan, Brandon

-Minnaar, CJ

-Nowlan, Samantha

-Pero, Jillian

-Roberts-Sock, Shaylee

-Ross, Chloe

-Shin, Evgeniya

-Spilman, Kelsey