Membership Categories and Fees

Registration Dues & Fee Structure

*Approved by the NBSMLT Board of Directors

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    online payment of initial application and annual dues: ( we issue your password)
Item $(CAD) Note
MLT initial application 110   +required documents+dues--see links & categories below
MLT Temporary License 110  +initial.application(110$).+.required.documents.see.below 
MLT Reinstatement 200 + PDP audit + required documents. See below
Late PDP 110  After Sept 15 + audit = No exceptions.
Late.registration.renewal 110

For late payment and/or late online renewal receivedafterOct 31. Renewals after Dec 31 must be accompanied with a reinstatement form and payment. No exceptions.

Letters 50  ( 75$ non members)
Hard copy mailed receipt 15  
NSF cheque 50  + banking charges
MLT Practicing license (2020) 235  
MLT Practicing license (2021) 255  *subject to minor changes through the course of the year)
Associate(MLA)membrship 50  + Application form
Inactive membership 50  Reinstatement required for practicing license
Retired/Students Free  Retrirees must still renew online annually

 Link to CSMLS fees/renewal:



Forms  --download & submit electronically to 
1. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Initial application form ( MLA, Temporary License, Students, MLTs submit form 1&2))
*Licensing dues are designated for the year of practice and are NOT offered as monthly subscriptions*

Practicing, Certified Medical Laboratory Technologist

Description: Medical laboratory technologists shall be those persons certified by the CSMLS and in good standing with the CSMLS at the RT General or RT Subject level .

NBSMLT 2018 Dues: $ 195

NBSMLT 2019 Dues: $215

NBSMLT 2020 Dues: $235

Current CSMLS membership fee: $ 167 + $13 PLI ( *subject to change during the course of the year)

Are you re-entering to practice? A reinstatement is required. Click here for a list of CSMLS approved refresher courses

Are you a new registrant transferring from out of province?

Send the following to with your initial request:
1. Proof of current year CSMLS Certified, Practicing membership with PLI, and proof of employment hours in last 3 years.
2. Letter of good standing from your current regulatory body from the last 3 years you were active.
3. Download the initial application form above
4. Payment of NBSMLT fees can be made on, " Pay online"
5. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing once all documents have been submitted to the office
6. Professional responsibility: Refer to website for NBSMLT Act, Bylaws, Rules BEFORE entering the NB workforce.

Practicing, Non-Certified Medical Laboratory Technologist
2020: $ 235 NBSMLT only (Required: Annual Proof of CSMLS Associate Membership+ PLI) 

$110 Initial application fee

Description: Medical Laboratory Technologist member non-certified shall be those persons licensed by a regulatory body in another Canadian jurisdiction immediately prior to application for licensure in New Brunswick, and are in good standing with the regulatory body but who are not certified by the CSMLS. CSMLS non-certified membership is required.

Process for registration of New applicants who are practicing, non-CSMLS certified

 Send the following to
1. Submit letter of good standing from last registered province.
2. Submit proof of CSMLS Associate membership with PLI coverage, and proof of employment hours in last 3 years
3. Completed NBSMLT registration form and application form
4. Payment:, Click on "Pay Online" (blue icon) 
5. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing once all documents have been submitted to the office.

 Temporary License (Students newly employed, pending CSMLS exam results)

$110 initial Application fee

110$ for temporary license ( 3 months)

235$ for extended license ( post unsuccessful exam attempt) 

Description :Temporary members shall be those persons whose names are entered in the temporary register and have complied with the requirements of and have paid the fees set out in the bylaws and rules.  Temporary members shall be entitled to practise as medical laboratory technologists subject to the bylaws and the rules. Temporary members shall not be entitled to the rights set out in article 3.02 B.  Temporary registration shall be issued and renewed at such intervals and subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions as may be set out in the rules. Temporary members certified by CSMLS at the RT Subject level shall only practise Medical Laboratory Technology in the subjects or fields in which they are certified by CSMLS. No person shall be entitled to temporary registration for a period exceeding 18 months.

Download our PDF Student Guide Here:NBSMLT Student Guide

Registration Process for Temporary License:

1. Contact the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science to obtain your Transitional Graduate Membership receipt.

Submit the following to

2. Submit proof of CSMLS Transitional membership. 

3. Complete and submit NBSMLT application and registration form.

4. Submit letter of employment with official letterhead ( emails not accepted).

5. Click "Pay online"  on the home page and choose the appropriate payment. Include your CSMLS number in the instructions.

6. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing once all documents have been submitted.

7. Contact the NBSMLT as soon as CSMLS exam results are received.



$50 NBSMLT only ( For CSMLS membership, contact 

Description: Associate members shall be those persons certified by the CSMLS at the MLA level.

Process for Registration of MLA members
Submit the following to
1. Proof of current CSMLS membership.
2. Proof of completed NBSMLT registration form 
3. Payment:  homepage, Click  "Pay online" ( blue icon)
4. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing once documents are received.

MLT & MLA Students 
Free. Download our Student Guide Here: NBSMLT Student Guide
 Description: A student member shall be enrolled in an accredited or approved training program leading to CSMLS certification. 
Process for Registration of New Student Members
1. Forms are requested at by school faculty members.
2. Return completed forms to school faculty member.
3. Faculty member returns forms to NBSMLT
4. Student membership expires after program completion and CSMLS certification .
5. Found a job, but waiting for CSMLS exam results? See Temporary membership category above.

Free (for CSMLS membership, contact directly)
Description: Retired MLT with no plan to return to work
**Retired members must renew their information online annually to be remained on the roster.
For retired members who are considering returning to work, please review bylaws and rules concerning reinstatement and PDP.

$50 NBSMLT only (for CSMLS membership, contact directly)

Description: Registrants who are not planning to return to work in the year they are registering for, must still renew online annually and maintain PDPs for any reinstatement to be considered.
Please allow 5-10 business days for processing