2023 NBSMLT Roster


New Members added to the roster after January 1, 2023  

-Gaunce, Nick

-Theriault, Christine (non-practicing)

-McLaughlin Robichaud, Janny (Reinstatement)

-Chiasson, Vanessa


-Anishkumar, Biji

-Wood, Laura

-Métiver, Stacy

-Delong-Finnamore, Jessica

-Hanscomb, Julie

-Couturier, Lindsey

-Cabot, Kylie

-Cline, Ross

-Langille, Clarke

-Benjamin, Jospeh

-Scott, Miranda

-Savoie, Gabrielle


-Lanteigne, Alex

-Merriam, Jenika

-Léger, Nathalie

-Durepos, Véronique



 Non-certified, Temporary license registrants  ( EXPIRES UPON RECEIPT OF NEXT EXAM RESULT) 

-Dunn, Hanna

-Henderson, Kelsy

-Duguid, Catherine

-McDonald, Austin

-Bossé, Kamïl


-Gallant, Alyssa

-Boudreau, Madisson

-Palmer, Christopher




 *les étudiants du CCNB Dieppe sont affichés sur la version francophone de cette page. Students from CCNB Dieppe are posted on the french version of this page*


Student members, NOT CURRENTLY EMPLOYED (expires when CSMLS competencies are completed, or withdrawal from program) 


NBCC Expires December 31, 2023

-Campbell, Victoria

-Comeau, Danielle

-Cunningham, Jill

-Fenton, Grace

-Keenan, Gina

-Killen, Abigail

-Liwanaag, Moira Lorrean

-MacFarlane, Emma

-McBrine, Phillip

-Mesher, Samantha

-Oldham, Taylor

-Sarty, Brittany


Oulton College Expires January 31, 2024

-Atkinson, Katherine

-Bourque, Stephanie

-Candy, Olivia

-Carr, Mallory

-Crowley, Jenna

-Doiron, Molly

-Dulvy, Zaria

-Edgecombe, Stephanie

-Farghaly, Shadwa

-Kaware, Sagar

-Layden, Rebecca

-Lidstone, Ashley Nicole

-MacKey, Janel

-Marcinkiewicz, Natalia

-Milner, Allison

-Oickle, Lina

-Oke, Reagan

-Orr, Madison

-Pagulayan, Magnolia Patrice

-Perry, Amber

-Richardson, Ethan

-Tamayo, Sandy


CCNB Edmundston Expires December 31,2024

-Pelletier, Janie

-Martin, Kamylle


NBCC Expires December 31,2024

-Cunningham, Jill

CCNB Edmundston Expire en décembre, 2025

-Bouchard, Denis


CCNB expire en 2025

-Devarenne, Emma

-Gionet, Kloé

-Mills, Samantha

-Paulin, Emma-Maude

-Robichaud, Jolène




Oulton College Expires January 31, 2025

-Rodriguez Bernedo, Sofia

-Igihozo, Atfa Didine

-Robinson, Olivia

-Geneau, Angela

-MacCallum, Janelle

-Baek, Leehyun

-Chapman, Louise

-Russell, Amelia

-Landry, Joelle

-Rozete Navarro, Mary Jose

-Crisostomo, John Carlo

-Nguyen, Hong Ngoc

-Wang, PingPing

-MacEachern, Keeley

-Van Zyl, Johannes

-Cudmore, Darcie

-Fromm, Courtney

-Douthwright, Jenna

-Wasson, Josalynn