Canadian Certified MLT

Medical laboratory technologists shall be those persons exam-certified by the CSMLS and  currently in good standing with the CSMLS .

      2024 NBSMLT License: $255

 * 2024 CSMLS membership fee: $ 172 + $13 PLI *subject to change on payroll deduction during the course of the year

Are you a newly CSMLS certified applicant?

Requirements for application:


Are you re-entering to practice? 

  • Including the above, an additional $200 reinstatement is also required. 
  • Proof of 750 practice hours in the last 3 years is required.
  • Submit your Professional Development Program credit hours of the last 3 years.

If the above criteria are not met; 

Please refer to section 4.4 of the Rules of the NBSMLT for all the criteria's and details.