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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bridging Project Update February 2013

We’ve done it again!

As part of the Bridging project, the NBSMLT has created a profile on the International Qualifications Network (IQN). IQN is a website created by the Government of Canada as part of the Foreign Credentials Referral Office. The Foreign Credentials Referral Office’s purpose is to help foreign trained workers succeed in Canada. The website is dedicated to providing a space for regulators, groups or committees to promote collaboration on information related to the assessment and recognition of international qualifications. It enables members to share information about their own initiatives, and provide feedback on others' initiatives. Being part of this website has enabled the NBSMLT to raise awareness and promote to other groups the NB Bridging Program. As such the NBSMLT was nominated for the IQN awards. The IQN Awards recognize leadership in foreign qualification assessment and recognition in four areas - workplace integration, innovation, engagement or overseas initiatives. We are proud to announce that the NB Medical Laboratory Technologist Bridging Program has received an Honourable mention in the category of Engagement. Our initiative is among 8 others to receive Honourable mentions from a total of 63 nominations. The NBSMLT and the Bridging Program will be highlighted at the IQN Awards Ceremony to be held on March 13, 2013 at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. If you would like more information about IQN or would like to visit our profile page go to

Way to Go!!!

Bridging Project Update January 2013

This just in....

...recently an email was received from the New Brunswick Department of Health. A consultant for Hospital Operations sent an message to the Executive Director of the NBSMLT regarding the Bridging Program for internationally educated MLTs. This individual heard about the wonderful work the NBSMLT and its partners were doing on the Bridging Program. The email stated: “my intent was to drop you a line and applaud you on this outstanding work, very impressive”. The NBSMLT was invited to give a presentation on the program at the Department of Health this spring. This will give the NBSMLT the opportunity to talk to government officials and decision makers about the Bridging Project and the benefit it will be to the profession. It will also provide an opportunity to put our profession in the forefront.

The Bridging Program team wanted to share those words of encouragement with you, the members; this is just another reason to be proud of our accomplishments!

Bridging Project Update December 2012

A lot has been happening with the bridging project. The NBSMLT has been very busy coordinating curriculum development, ensuring that course material is being completed on schedule. So far Transfusion Medicine and Histotechnology course profiles have been finalized, subject matter experts have been hired and development has begun. We anticipate that over 50% of the work related to curriculum development will be completed by March 31, 2013. Courses will be developed and delivered on line, which will make it easier for MLTs who are living abroad, to start their bridging education while in their home country.
So far course development has required a lot of financial, human and in-kind resources, to the point where additional funding was required. In fact, looking for additional funding to ensure the NBSMLT meets established deadlines has been a priority. The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Population Growth Division is a Bridging Program partner and has been generous in awarding the NBSMLT Bridging Program additional funding to support curriculum development. This year, our project has received funding from Population Growth and Division of close to $100,000.
It’s exciting for the NBSMLT to be a part of this project, so many things have happened in the past year and half. Provincial and national, committees and groups are taking notice of the NBSMLT and the initiatives being made. MLTs are being asked to come to the table and become valuable well respected partners. The NBSMLT can barely keep up with requests to present our bridging program model to other professions and various committees because of its enormous success so far.
As members, you should feel proud and excited to be a part of this progress and the growth of the society. There are so many more great things to come for the NBSMLT, the future looks bright with possibilities. Our time is now; we need to seize the opportunity to push forward, be heard by the public, peers and government and to be recognized as innovators, valuable leaders and equal partners in healthcare!