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*PLEASE NOTE THE IMMIGRATION SELECTION PROCESS IS A SEPARATE PROCESS NOT RELATED TO THE NBSMLT. meeting the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) requirement for immigration purposes does not guarantee licensing, and that some applicants  need to meet additional requirements to practice in a regulated occupation in Canada.   

The NBSMLT requires that all internationally educated medical laboratory technologists (IEMLTs) complete the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Society (CSMLS) Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to determine if the education and experience is equivalent to Canadian standards.

Step 1: CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment
The CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) reviews the IEMLTs education, training and work experience to determine equivalency or identify gaps.

There are two stages in the PLA process:

Stage 1: Pre-assessment

Starts when the IEMLT applies for the PLA and ends when all required documents have been received

Stage 2: Post-assessment

The post assessment starts when the CSMLS sends the IEMLT their technical report

When the CSMLS has received all the required documents, the PLA file is forwarded to the assessment team for review. The assessment team reviews the documentation to compare the IEMLTs education and experience to Canadian competencies identified in the national competency profile. Once the review is completed, a technical report is sent, which may take up to 6 weeks.

For more information on the CSMLS PLA process go to

Most IEMLTs must complete some Canadian courses or training to obtain equivalency. It is strongly recommended that IEMLTs complete a bridging program to be successful on the national certification exam and integrate in the health care system.

Step 2: IEMLTs may be eligible to work in New Brunswick under restricted conditions
Candidates who are enrolled in the New Brunswick bridging program for IEMLTs or who have been declared equivalent by CSMLS may be eligible for a restricted temporary license.

For more information contact the NBSMLT
Step 3: The New Brunswick Bridging Program for IEMLTs
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