Maintenance of Competence

Position Statement - Maintenance of Competence

The New Brunswick Society of Medical laboratory Technologists (NBSMLT) has the responsibility for establishing and maintaining the standards of practice of medical laboratory technology in the province as defined by the Medical Laboratory Technology Act. (1991, rev.2002)

Medical laboratory technologists are highly trained professionals who play an integral role in today’s health care system.

The right to use a professional title or designation and to present oneself as a qualified professional carries responsibilities.

The NBSMLT believes that a Medical Laboratory Technologist must:

Adhere to the accepted standards of practice
Adhere to a code of conduct or ethics
Be accountable for one’s actions.

A fundamental responsibility of each professional member is the need to continuously upgrade his or her knowledge and skills in order to keep current in today’s scientific and technologically complex laboratory environment.

(Approved June 12, 2002)