Are you on Maternity leave? register before Oct 31

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FAQ about MLTs on maternity leave:Register

1. My password on my computer at work expired, and I can't log into the Service NB portal. What do I do?You have two options:

a) Pay a visit to work and log in to reset your password ( and take note of your information)

b) Call Service NB password reset 24/7: 1-888-832-2762


2. I was on payroll deduction. Do I need to pay online directly?

You can verify with us or your payroll department if your payment was forwarded, it depends when you left.

Payment can be made directly through our member's section on this website.


3. Do I pay full fees or switch to inactive status? If you plan on returning to work during the following year, it is best to chose the practicing license, by registering before Oct 31st.  Registering only when you return to work will require a reinstatement process which may be more costly.

Reminder: it is the indivisual MLT's professional responsability to keep up with current NBSMLT news and deadlines. The same deadlines apply to all MLTs working or not.


4. Do I still need to keep up with PDP while on maternity leave?

Yes, PDP is a three year cycle giving ample time for MLTs to achieve their credit hours