OCT 31- Late Registration information & Policy

Monday, October 31, 2016

NBSMLT Registration Policy

( ref: NBSMLT Bylaws & Rules, approved my the NBSMLT Board of Directors ( fellow MLTs and public member)

  • Policy on deadlines/fees/processes is reviewed annually by the NBSMLT Board of Directors at the beginning of the year:

  • Registration is due Oct 31 at 11:59 pm.

  • An additional processing fee of 100$ is added for all incomplete registrations after October 31st to recover costs with processing indivdual memberships vs batch processing.

  • Complete registrations shall include BOTH payment (by any method) AND online renewal of information. Payment alone or registration alone, does not constitute a complete registration nor does it qualify a late fee waiver.

  • Registration Policy is communicated to members in monthly publications through the year via special notices, updated regularly on several areas of the website, as well as social media for those who chose to partake. Printable posters were also provided for members who chose to post in commonn areas with permission from employers. A total of 4-5 notices and reminders were sent via email to each member with the address they provide to us.

  • Late renewers shall complete their missing transactions listed in the letter before December 15th, 11:59 pm in order to receive their license in time to practice on Jan 1, 2017.

  • Members who do not renew by this date do not have their licence in their posession to practice as an MLT in NB and their name will not appear on the roster 

  • The NBSMLT cannot waive late fees for members who did not attempt an electronic transaction prior to Oct 31, 11:59 ( email for log in/payment trouble/ incomplete transaction/registration etc) A lump sum cheque from an employer is not considered an electronic transaction by the individual registrant.


Registrants of the NBSMLT are professionally responsible for:

  • Acquiring a suitable internet connection with updated browser and entering their correct log in information as per directions. 99.5% of registrants who had issues registering, was due to user misuse.

  • Contacting the NSBMLT prior to the due date if they are having trouble with registration, questions etc.

  • Renewing their own registration annually before the deadline.

  • Paying all applicable fees if the deadline was missed, in order to receive their practice permit.

  • Complete any missing transactions to complete their renewal for the following year.

  • Printing their tax receipt/membership card prior to October 31st to confirm their registration is complete ( payment+online renewal)

  • Registrants on long term leave are responsible for checking with the NBSMLT regularly, ensuring they receive our emails by updating their information on the Service NB portal

  • Registrants who need to change their status ( retiring, leavin the province, sabbatical etc) are required to contact the NBSMLT to advise the change

  • returning any payments to the employer or individual that are unaccompanied by an online renewal

  • Employers are not reponsible for renewing members online registration.


The NBSMLT is responsible for:

  • Upholding the Act, Bylaws, Rules & policy set my its members.

  • Providing cost effective methods of renewal to keep dues reasonable for members ( eliminting rising costs with paperregistration and streamlining to one system, eliminating duplication of services)

  • Sending 1 electronic registration notice to members in the fall (We have sent 4-5 since August) and complying with set policy regarding registration deadlines and fees.

  • Provinding timely troubleshooting assistance to members who have attempted an electronic transaction with the NBSMLT prior to Oct 31, 11:59 pm, regarding their electronic access to the Service NB portal or other related questions.

  • Providing troubleshooting assistance to members who have contacted the NBSMLT after Oct 31 before Dec 15th within the posted regular business standards.

  • Providing interview style registration by phone and by appointment for members who do no feel comfortable with online renewal process.

  • Sending  (batch processing) payment and information renewal to the CSMLS on Nov 1st.

  • Advising members of their late registration as a courtesy, those who have not completed both payment and online renewal combined by Oct 31, 11:59 pm.

  • Refunding payment to employers or individuals that are unaccompanied by an online renewal.

The NBSMLT is confident it is due dilligence with communicating to members above and beyond by all means necessary.

We are assured that all the appropriate information has been provided above to assist professional registrants with their decision making process regarding timely registration renewals.

Thank you for your collective cooperation,