NEW: Renewal Registration Checklist

Sunday, October 1, 2017

* I submitted my PDP log sheets by September 15th ( expire in 2017 candidates only)

*If I did not submit my PDP on time, I have paid by $110 fee for the mandatory audit.

*I have verified my pay stub to verify if I pay my dues via payroll deduction  

*If I do enroll in payroll deduction, I have paid my dues directly to NBSMLT website  for both NBSMLT & CSMLS ($367) dues. I have advised the NBSMLT if paying with someone else's credit card.

* I have chosen to only pay the NBSMLT dues and not CSMLS, I have forwarded proof of my mandatory CSMLS registration for 2018 to the NBSMLT.  

*I have renewed my 2018 registration in the Service NB portal before October 31st  

*I have printed off a copy of my receipt before October 31st from the Service NB portal to ensure my renewal was successful  

*I am aware that a complete registration includes BOTH payment AND online renewal. If one or the other is missing by October 31st, I am subject to a $110 administrative fee for the additional individual processing of my late renewal.  

*I am aware that If I fail to register and pay dues and late fees by December 15th, I am unable to obtain a permit to work on January 1st, and subject to reinstatement fees ($200) & processes ( includes PDP audit, retraining etc).  

*I am aware that even though I may be on maternity/disability/sabbatical leave, The same regulations apply for my registration. *I can still log into the database from home/phone/tablet with your work login

*I can still view my emails from the Horizon /Vitalité web portal from home

*I can call Service NB to reactivate your password if it expired

*I am aware that I must advise the NBSMLT that I am newly retired and not renewing for next year 

*Are you an MLA who paid their 50$ membership fee to the NBSMLT last year? You may renew using the same process according to regulations. 


To continue with your renewal process, find the link under the REGISTRATION Tab.