This just in, Bridging program update

Thursday, January 24, 2013

This just in....

...recently an email was received from the New Brunswick Department of Health. A consultant for Hospital Operations sent an message to the Executive Director of the NBSMLT regarding the Bridging Program for internationally educated MLTs. This individual heard about the wonderful work the NBSMLT and its partners were doing on the Bridging Program. The email stated: “my intent was to drop you a line and applaud you on this outstanding work, very impressive”. The NBSMLT was invited to give a presentation on the program at the Department of Health this spring. This will give the NBSMLT the opportunity to talk to government officials and decision makers about the Bridging Project and the benefit it will be to the profession. It will also provide an opportunity to put our profession in the forefront.

The Bridging Program team wanted to share those words of encouragement with you, the members; this is just another reason to be proud of our accomplishments!