HSO Standards - Public Review

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The public review of HSO’s Allied Health Educational Program Standard is taking place between June 10 and August 9, 2019. We want your input.

Please follow the links below to review the Standard and provide your feedback in the questionnaire:

EN: https://healthstandards.org/public-reviews/allied-health-educational-program/

FR: https://healthstandards.org/fr/examens-publics/programmes-deducation-en-sante/

About the standard

HSO is developing a new CAN/HSO 40001:2019 (E) Allied Health Educational Program Standard. The standard aims to ensure the effectiveness of educational programs for health professions, thereby contributing to the competency of graduates and the quality of patient care in Canada. Allied health professionals possess specific technical skills and are valued members of health care teams (for example medical laboratory technology, medical radiation technology, orthoptics, cardiology technology, paramedicine, and diagnostic medical sonography). They are qualified by special training and, frequently, by licensing to work in the health care field. The standard guides educational programs in delivering quality education and producing graduates who meet pre-defined standards of competence as set by the health profession. The standard applies to education provided in a variety of educational institutions and clinical settings. It is based on evidence-informed practices that focus on academic quality, including integration between didactic and clinical education components, to help students attain competence. Educational programs that are accredited under this standard must demonstrate that their curricula, learning environments, and resources are sufficient to prepare students to provide competent, safe, and effective practice at entry to their chosen profession.

Why are we revising the standard?

This standard was developed as a response to Canadian Medical Association (CMA) divesting itself of the responsibility for assessing and accrediting health education programs in Canada starting February 1, 2018. In order to maintain a standard of quality for the entry-to-practice health professional education in Canada, 13 health professions selected HSO and Accreditation Canada to replace the CMA accreditation and standard development services.

Summary of changes

In the past, the CMA’s Conjoint Accreditation Services provided guidance to educational programs using the 2014 Requirements for Accreditation Handbook. HSO’s new standard CAN/HSO 40001:2019 is a revision and update of the CMA Requirements. HSO will build on the vision and commitment of CMA by continuing to place a significant importance on ensuring educational programs comply with established standards in their discipline areas. The scope of the standard was generally maintained with the addition of a section on Innovation. The content has been updated and revised to reflect current best practices. The standard includes requirements related to:

• Competency Profile

• Student Interests and Rights

• Educational Program Resources, Didactic Personnel Qualification, and Experience

• Educational Program Management, Oversight, Administration, and Structure

• Quality Improvement

• Innovation

The CAN/HSO 40001:2019 (E) Allied Health Educational Program Standard is not intended to be used alone, but in conjunction with competency profiles detailing the competencies required at entry to practice for a given profession and provincial requirements, where applicable.

The content of this standard is led by the HSO Technical Committee on Allied Health Educational Programs, made up of recent graduates, patients; educators, and representatives of regulatory bodies and professional associations.

Tell us what you think

We are asking students, educators, health professionals, patients and family members, those who would use the standard, as well as individuals and organizations who have expertise in this area for their views on the standard.

There is one main question in the public review document. We are not asking questions about every requirement or criteria, but we do welcome your comments on any or all aspects of the standard. When answering the questions, please keep in mind that the standard may one day apply globally. The standard scope is currently national.

Our public review is open for 60 days. We would appreciate your feedback on the proposed changes. The public review is open until midnight on August 9, 2019.

For more information, questions or concerns regarding the HSO standards, please contact us at publications@healthstandards.org