NBSMLT Statement - Consolidated Medical Lab Services

Monday, January 6, 2020

NBSMLT Statement - Consolidated Lab Services

Patient protection is the primary mandate of the NBSMLT and is at the very heart of the services provided by every Medical Laboratory Technologist in New Brunswick. Our Medical Laboratory professionals provide a vital service to the people of New Brunswick and play an integral role in our Health Care System. Any changes to the delivery of lab services will absolutely affect patients and should be approached with due thought and consideration.

The NBSMLT is aware of the crushing impact felt by the shortage of human health resources. Delays in testing can have a negative impact on the quality of patient care as turn-around times in testing are essential in informing patient treatment.

The NBSMLT recognizes that consolidation may be inevitable, however, it is the responsibility of the government to support a health care system that provides timely and quality health care services to all New Brunswickers. We urge the government to ensure that high-standards of patient care are delivered and maintained throughout the process by making investments into the necessary personnel and technologies to make the consolidation successful.

While centralization can help ease the HHR issues in the province, we still need to address the supply of new medical laboratory technologists. Investment into the educational programs to increase capacity is needed.