2021 Registration Renewal is now OPEN

Friday, August 28, 2020

2021 Online Registration Renewal is NOW OPEN!

August 28th - October 31st, 2020 Renew today!

It only takes 5 minutes on any PC/Tablet/phone at home or at work


Things to remember: 

1. Complete renewal includes BOTH your dues payment AND updating your online renewal in the Service NB (SNB) database. If one or both are missing after October 31st, a $110 admin fee applies as per regulations.

2. Is your PDP due this year? Submit before September 15th to avoid $110 late fee + audit.

3. Are you on maternity/disability/sabbatical leave? • The same regulations apply for your registration. • You can still log into the database from your home/phone/tablet with your work login. • You can still view our emails from the Horizon/Vitalite web portal from home. • Call Service NB to reactivate your password if it expired.

4. Are you retiring and not renewing for 2021? Let us know to remove your name from our roster and avoid multiple reminders

5. Are you an MLA who paid their $50 membership fee to the NBSMLT last year? You may renew using the same process according to regulations.