Joan Kennedy Award Nominations

Saturday, May 1, 2021


The Joan Kennedy Memorial Award is presented every 5th year to a current or past registered member of the NBSMLT for their service to and support of the Profession.

Selection criteria include:

• Service on Academy Executive
• Service on the Board of Directors
• Active participation in planning, promoting, organizing and conducting seminars, conventions and congresses
• Active participation on NBSMLT committees
• Professional conduct that is in accordance with the code of ethics of the CSMLS

Members are encouraged to submit names of possible candidates along with a description of their service to the profession to their Academy Director. The NBSMLT Awards committee will choose one successful candidate based on the above criteria. The Award will be presented at the 2021 AGM.


Joan Kennedy graduated from the New Brunswick School of Medical Technology in 1958. She spent most of her career working in Edmundston, her hometown, where she was Chief Technologist. The term “Laboratory Manager” had not yet been invented in this province. She then attended the University of Prince Edward Island where she earned a BSc. and she later accepted a position as Chief Technologist at a hospital in Lindsey, Ontario. Joan died tragically in 1975 and was laid to rest in Mississauga, Ontario, where her mother and sister resided. The first Joan Kennedy Memorial Award was presented (by Joan’s brother) to Ruth Bulmer at the 1979 CSLT Convention in Fredericton.