Practice of Medical Laboratory Technology

NBSMLT Position Statement on the Practice of Medical Laboratory Technology

The New Brunswick Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (NBSMLT) has a mandate provided by the Medical Laboratory Technology Act (1991).The purpose of this mandate is to advance and to maintain the standard of medical laboratory technology in New Brunswick, to govern and regulate medical laboratory technology services provided to the public and provide for the welfare of members of the public and the NBSMLT.

Pursuant to the Act the NBSMLT is responsible to ensure the practice of medical laboratory technology is performed by competent trained professionals.Medical laboratory technology is defined as the performance of laboratory investigations and testing relating to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and the evaluation of their technical validity, on specimens taken from the human body.

These analytical processes would include a testing procedure, from initial setup to completion, where the results of the analysis or test are interpreted and validated by a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

Performances of analytical processes as outlined above and in the Act, by persons other than those whose names are entered in the register of the NBSMLT, are a violation and such persons are subject to the consequences as outlined in Part IV of the ACT.

The NBSMLT identifies the existence and role of support staff in the function of laboratory services.

The NBSMLT supports both pre and post diploma degree programs in relevant areas of Medical Laboratory Science as advantageous to the professional development of Medical Laboratory Technologists.

The NBSMLT also recognizes the CSMLS post diploma certification levels of ART and FCSMLS as advanced levels of professional development of Medical Laboratory Technologists which require significant personal and professional commitment.

(Approved 26 November, 2008)