Role of Medical Laboratory Assistants

The NBSMLT’s position regarding the role of MLAs in New Brunswick:

The primary role of the NBSMLT is protection of the public with regard to medical laboratory services.

The role of the MLA is integral in supporting the MLTs in providing for the welfare of the public.

The certified MLA possesses the skills, attitudes and training for the performance of pre-analytical and post-analytical processes.

The NBSMLT requires that they maintain standards of safety, knowledge and confidentiality.

The MLA is the first and often the only direct contact the patient will have with the laboratory.

The MLA must conduct themselves professionally with the utmost regard for patient safety and confidentiality.

The MLA must take responsibility for their professional actions and recognize when a situation exceeds their level of competence and seek appropriate guidance.

The MLA must be aware of and adhere to the policies regarding informed consent.

The MLA must recognize the need for continuing education and training to keep abreast of current technologies and how they affect their role in the practice of medical laboratory science.


Such as MLTs, the MLA scope of practice and duties is based on the application of CSMLS competency profiles.