Temporary members shall be those persons whose names are entered in the temporary register and have complied with the requirements of and have paid the fees set out in the bylaws and rules.

Temporary members shall be entitled to practice as medical laboratory technologists subject to the bylaws and the rules. Temporary members shall not be entitled to the rights set out in article 3.02 B.  

Temporary registration shall be issued and renewed at such intervals and subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions as may be set out in the rules.

Temporary members certified by CSMLS at the RT Subject level shall only practice Medical Laboratory Technology in the subjects or fields in which they are certified by CSMLS. No person shall be entitled to temporary registration for a period exceeding 18 months.

The temporary license may not be reissued after the 2nd attempt, nor 18 months beyond the date the individual first  applies with NBSMLT.


$110 initial Application fee

$110 for temporary permit ( 3 months)

$255 for extended  permit ( post 1st unsuccessful exam attempt) 




Requirements for application: